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Why do we strive to create zero-energy homes that follow the German Passivhaus Institut standard? The answer is simple - because we genuinely care. Our commitment includes not only future homeowners, but also the planet we all live on. Unfortunately, most human activities are harmful to the environment. Our lifestyles, including the way we build our homes, need to change to become more environmentally friendly without leaving a footprint on nature.

We feel satisfied that we can offer just that, eco-friendly and healthy homes with zero energy consumption. Homes that produce solar energy to power the building, the occupants' electric vehicles, or to be sold to electric utilities to be used by others. In this way, the houses we create bring real benefits to their owners and to the environment.

Our construction uses a concept that in the community of green builders around the world is called "Whole House Approach". This approach pays close attention to the interconnectedness of every system and component of the house. In this way, we can achieve homes that are much more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy, while having minimal impact on the environment.

And because we truly believe in protecting nature, we offset the carbon footprint of every building we create by helping to plant the necessary number of trees to restore the damage done to nature.

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