Passive houses
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Passive houses

less than 15 kWh per square meter per year

Passive house is the highest level of energy efficient construction that makes it possible to use up to 90% less energy for heating. Thanks to the exceptional insulation, airtight construction, high-efficiency windows and ventilation with heat recovery, they maintain a constant room temperature.

These houses are much more comfortable and much quieter than an ordinary house, and the air in the rooms is always fresh and purified from allergens and dust.


Health and happiness... these are two of the most important things in everyone's life. Over 90% of our lives are spent indoors, which is why it's important that your house is healthy and makes you happy. While the energy efficiency of our buildings are impressive, it is the positive impact on health and happiness that makes them different!

Our houses continuously supply filtered fresh indoor air through a ventilation system with heat recovery that actively eliminates pollutants and allergens while maintaining indoor temperature. In addition, proper design and construction prevents moisture problems by preventing the development of harmful mold and mildew.

Superior thermal comfort is one of the greatest advantages of our houses. Thanks to the design and construction of the building without thermal bridges, the presence of super-insulation and high performance windows, there is minimal difference in indoor air temperature and an even temperature on all walls.

What most people notice when they enter our house is the peace and quiet. High quality walls, windows and doors, which are key to the energy performance of the house, also significantly reduce the transmission of sounds from outside. City noise, trains or nearby construction are no longer a problem.

People who live old buildings know how dust penetrates and accumulates on all surfaces as well as in the lungs of the occupants. In our house this problem is eliminated. Airtightness stops dust from entering the building, and filters in the ventilation system trap dust and dirt from the incoming fresh air.

The ventilation system removes moisture and odours from kitchens and bathrooms and expels them outside, while continuously supplying filtered fresh air. Thus, unwanted moisture and odours that form are quickly eliminated, and the airtight construction prevents moisture and odours from outside from entering the building.

Who wants bugs or other critters crawling in their building? It's only natural for wildlife to stay outside, in its habitat. Airtight building construction will stop these pests and ensure that they don't get inside the house, protecting you from potential damage and inconvenience caused by them.

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